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Connecting the Country Women’s Association of Tasmania

We’re proud to be working with the Country Women’s Association in Tasmania, project managing the creation of a new website that will help this important historic organisation to optimise the potential that the internet offers. It will support the CWA in their mission to:

“Improve the lives of country women and children”

We’re having a ball learning about the vital works of the CWA since their birth in Tasmania over 80 years ago. We’re looking forward to witnessing the impact that simplified access to information about their activities, events & membership will bring to the CWA in Tasmania.

Photo courtesy of Michael Brady from Arcade Publishing

Just a tiny smattering of the wonderful products created by CWA members offered for sale at the Hobart CWA Shop. Proceeds support an astonishing variety of worthy community development activities. 
                    (Photo courtesy of Michael Brady from Arcade Publishing)

Elan Projects is providing these services for this project:

– Development of a digital strategy that will succeed with the CWA’s broad range of stakeholders
– Web development project management
– Content development support including copy writing & developing other rich content
– Communication of the online vision & purpose to the broader CWA membership
– Guiding the social media & awareness-raising campaign
– Advising on accessing grants & tender to further develop digital capacity

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IT’s Your Career

We’re delighted to be working with TasICT, Tassie’s peak body for the Information Communication and Technology sector on their “IT’s Your Career” project. It’s got all of the elements for good fun and clear, measurable outcomes for a range of stakeholders and will launch in February 2014.


Elan is supporting the project in the following ways:

– Consulting as project managers.
– Advising on the VET-specific stuff (liaising between the Registered Training Organisation, government, employers, Australian Apprenticeships Centres and the learners).
– Determining a sustainable strategy to grow the project in subsequent rounds that will align with State and TasICT objectives.
– Developing content for the website and communications to internal & external stakeholders.
– Brokering partnerships to extract the best possible value from the activity for the learners, employers, Tasmanian community and the ICT industry as a whole.
– Assembling and supporting the steering committee, which comprises representatives from Department of Education, industry stakeholders, Skills Tasmania, VETnetwork Australia and the Catalyst Project.
– Supporting selection, recruitment, induction of participants.
– Promoting the project before it kicks off, while it’s on & taking the show on the road to share the findings with the broader VET sector at a range of conferences and workshops around the country.
– Participating in the design and provision of the induction “geek camp” program of events, speed dating mentor matching and devising the Awards for Excellence that will recognise outstanding achievements of rookies as they work through their qualifications.

We love this project because it is fully integrated!

It works by drawing together a broad range of skilled & motivated people who will combine their expertise and energy to have a long-ranging impact at an individual, organisational and community level.

We see a strong opportunity for:

– Improved employment outcomes for participants
– Targeted workforce development at a range of levels
– Stronger cohesion between the ICT sector & training providers
– Enhanced specificity in vocational training for the ICT sector around the State
– An innovative approach to developing the community of practice in the sector, encompassing entry-level workers, established professionals and employers across the range of specialisations relevant to the industry.

Here are the stats that are going to come of this project (or we’ll eat our hats):

25 Rookies – College-aged young people from right around Tasmania will gain employment in TasICT member organisations to undertake a School Based Traineeship Certificate II or III in Information, Digital Media and Technology at TasTAFE.

25 Co-pilots – Mentors who are currently working in various aspects of the ICT industry who will be formally trained in mentoring through VETnetwork Australia’s Mentoring Australia’s Apprentices Project and work with one rookie each. They’ll improve their workplace mentoring skills, develop industry-relevant “soft skills” in the their rookie and generally help their rookie to glean the best possible learning and fun from their participation in the project.

25 Bosses – Employers who will host a School Based Apprentice and provide coaching and industry experience to their rookie. They will provide invaluable input into the tailoring of the training to their enterprise needs and help us to release skilled Rookies and Co-pilots into the wild for the development of the ICT industry in Tasmania as a whole.

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